GUVENSAN Cleaning Services ,Textile, Electronics Industry and Trading Ltd. Co. have adopted as the environment, health and safety policy is based on the respect of human and  the environment in which we  lives. In every field of activity, the first priority of  GUVENSAN is the safety of environmental, occupational health and safety. 
Based on this purpose, whit professional and personal training programs GUVENSAN educates the experienced individuals for environment and ecology-sensitive and job security for the community One of the our most important goals is protect all employees and the environment in which we live against the potential work  risks. This philosophy, within the company is achieved through the development and implementation of training programs.
The subjects of environment, occupational health and safety  like quality, productivity and cost fields subjects are treated in responsibility and environmental awareness.This responsibility includes all our employees. Our corporate purpose is  reduce the dangers, take measures to manage the risks and always make the planning to improve system.