• Our fundamental principle Seen as one of the most important parts forming our corporate identity timely delivery of promised jobs and in this  planning of  time without compromise.the quality of business  
  • The other important single feature that creates corporate identity is our staff . Staff who work in our corporation has the responsibility to represent. GUVENSAN principles and  the discipline.
  • The common objective of all of our colleagues in our organisation is move to the future.GUVENSAN Facility Services  within the framework of the fundamental principles and approach
  • To provide the highest quality service to customers is the principle of Guvensan whit protect the nature and the environment.
  • To adopt policy of  clear management  for our employees 
  • To maximize their productivity of our employees by making career planning 
  • To keep continuous training and development of professional and personal competence to continue.
  • To gain the right candidates at the company with effective measurement / evaluation system 
  • To continuously review, update and develop our Human Resources Policy is the fundamental principles.
Our corporate culture and the basic principles are to be adopted by all of our employees,  keep themselves open to learning through continuous improvement and being a company that has existed for many years of experience, makes us stronger among institutions.