Satiye Öztürk / General Manager


We want to thank you for your excellent performans during the audit of the client company at 18.04.2013


Yours sincerely


Zet Farma Logistic Services Co.Ltd.



Murat Ağan / Administrative Affairs Manager


Hello Mrs Münteha;

At our locator Kıraç-2,before and after the inspection on 18.04.2013,we want to thank you and to your Güvensan team for its superior efforts.

Yours affectionately


Zet Farma Logistic Services Co.Ltd.


Halim Türkol / Depot Manager


Goodmorning Mr.Yalçın

Thank you very much for vigilance on the issue. We are faced with such problems, for being a lot of roads damaged by the locator.I will discuss again on this topic with our technical department for  solution. Thanks again for your help and your support.

Best Regards,


Zet Farma Logistics Services Co.Ltd.


Ahmet Kantara / Purchase Responsible


Hello Mr. Yalçın                                                                                 20.02.2013

I want to thank you and your team on the job of cleaning. We got better results than expected.

Hope to work again ...


Hidroser Inc.


Pelin Dingiloğlu / Senior Executive Assistant


Hello Mr.Erdoğan,                                                                16.06 2012


Thank you very much for your  information email. Actually there was no need to send pictures because it is more easily seen. made a very thorough cleaning when entering the door

At first to you,to Mr. Serhat and to Mrs.Turiye I would like to thank all employees, it was a really good cleaning. Well done


Yours sincerely