(What is payrolling?)What is the payroll service?

 Within the framework of legislation and business requirements, in general terms ;  payrolling is a process of  following  personal files of employees , their wage calculation and legal notices attached to them.

Service Scope

•        Recruiting the right staff,

•        Compliance with legal requirements,

•        Effective, fast and timely communication,

•        Auditing and control systems,

•        Periodic reports,

•        İn payroll service ,following  the rights of employees is part of the service.Management and administration of the personel are in the client’s responsibility.

Güvensan payroll service :

•        Reduces workload of your HR department,

•        Enables you to focus on your company’s main areas of activity

•        Provides easier control of the service by periodical reports,

•        Reduces your follow-up for the legal issues, minimizes possible risks that may arise due to failing to comply with these requirements,

•        With all the visible and the invisible benefits, reduces operational costs, prevents waste of time.

•        Güvensan makes within their organization of the selection and placement all of the staff.