•        What is pest control ?

    Pest is an organism which has characteristics that are  regarded as harmful to humans, animals and agriculture.

•        Airborne Insect Control

    Thermal Fog


    ULV Application

•        Ground Insect Control

    Residual  Applications

    Mite Control

    Thick Control

    Determininig applications for  control methods to rodent  and other pest insects (bedbugs,    seasonal ticks, fleas )  in your  location ,  is included in our service.


•        Tick Control

•        Rodent Control Outdoors and Indoors

•        Reptile Control (snake,lizard etc.)


 Pesticides used  are;  approved by the World Health Organization (WHO),  licensed by the Ministry of Health.

       The suitability microbial  disintegration ,pest  control  medication  is friendly to the environment and human health.