Clean, hygienic and healthy environments help increase happiness and occupational efficiency. At Guvensan, we are working towards leaving a better environmental heritage to future generations by facility services that encompass cleaning, pest control, landscaping and gardening  and energy management.
Partnership based on trust 
We believe in being ethical, trustworty and law abiding in all our interactions with both our clients and staff.
Use of latest technology 
We combine world class technology in machinery, methodology and equipement with  our own expertise to serve our customers.
Quality is the major component in attaining perfection.We serve our  customers in accordance with total quality standards.
Accurate and Effective Communication 
Communication and feedback based on customer satisfaction at every step of our  services  and equipment  sales are an integral part of our services.
Environmental and Occupational Health and Security 
Our company complies with all legal and humanitarian procedures and follows up on all novelties  in the field in order to secure environmental  and occupational health and occupatinal security.On goind training  helps keep management and stuff up-to-date and the results of all steps taken are regularly monitored.
Experence,Competent Staff and Continuous İmprovement 
The synergy of respect, trust and team work reflects upon our services.Güvensan  draw our strength from our experiece as a veteran company in the sector.