• To provide a quality of service consistently  customer expectations researching the use of the most accurate systems,
  • To create a positive environment between our customers and our employees,
  • To create fast and effective solutions to customer needs,
  • To protect customer’s property,
  • To help our customers benefit from consumer rights by keeping them well-informed,
  • To create customer awareness before and after the service by reporting  and to play a role in determining work to be done in the field,
  • To be indispensable  for the customer by providing the continuity and be a partnership,
  • To take advantage of all technical development in tha sector and ensure that our customers benefit rom those,
  • To educate our employees continuosly and measure efficiency of training program to improve performance of employees,
Quality management system was established to control and measure the effectiveness of Guvensan Facility Services. Also our Quality Policy is to develop the requirements continuously  and improve the effectiveness of QMS.