Since 1992, Guvensan Academy Training and Conslting Services has been bringing qualifield men and women into the cleaning sector by vocational training program.

With professional and personal training programs GUVENSAN educates the experienced individuals. environment and ecology-sensitive, job security for the community
Guvensan develops and continues to the life and environmental education precautions must be taken today. The objective of this  Academy reach a wider audiencewhit  various social responsibility projects and the European Union projects
Since our foundation, GUVENSAN attach great importance and attention to education
In order to meet our customers' needs and demands ,since  many year  we provide training various subjects to our employees with the latest developments and   technical expertise gained in the sector , we accelerate their development
General Training Headlines;
  • Management Systems (Occupational Safety-Qualıty-Environment)
  • Cleaninig  Service Traning
  • Garden&Plant Care Training
  • Pest Control Training (Disinfection)
  • Personal And Corporate Development Traınıng
  • Personnel Traınıng
  • Maintenance&Energy Training